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Targeted HR Consulting began from a simple idea. Provide focused solutions to ensure employee engagement and motivation and in so doing, strengthen a company’s bottom line. By aligning people with their niche practices to a company’s outcomes, Target HR is able to offer HR solutions that far exceed the one dimensional approach other companies bring to the table. Our multifaceted approach encompasses recruitment, HR process alignment, workforce management and so much more. Our team is dedicated to targeting your human resources needs, and with more than 20 years of diverse experience, we are up for the task. Whether you are looking to fill a specific position or are crafting a comprehensive people-orientated workforce suite, Target HR has the right solutions for you.

Targeted HR is focused on the intricacies of your company’s talent requirements so that you are able to focus on the activities that increase your bottom line. Our approach to HR is multifaceted and includes recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, remuneration services, employee relations and much more. The team at Targeted HR focus their activities on the HR needs of your company!

It is commonly thought that HR is blanketed across all industries, incorporating the same principals and legislative intricacies. The reality is, specialist industries require specialized recruitment, retention, training and development needs. The quality of talent should not only meet the specific needs of the industry but the various environmental factors within the industry. Targeted HR’s talent team is diverse, enabling them to recruit across the varying roles of your industry sector while employing HR practices that set them apart from their competitors. Throughout the years, we have been able to match the right talent with fantastic employees across numerous levels of seniority and skills.


Beginning his career in education and nonprofit administration, Christian has demonstrated a talent for improving the processes of a company by mapping strategic directions and building plans to align the HR policies of a company with its growth and goals. Along with PHR, SHRM-CP and MBA credentials, Christian and extensive experience in regulatory compliance, FMLA, EEOC, ADA, ALSA, benefits, investigations and audits. He has shown himself to be highly skilled in the recruitment, development and retention of talent through his innovative programs and partnerships. Complimenting and supporting company priorities has meant that he has been able to integrate seamless HR into larger organizations without compromising the values of the company.

Because the human resources industry is constantly changing at a rapid pace, Christian takes pride in his proactive approach to updating systems and integrating new laws and regulations into existing policies and procedures. It’s this proactive attitude allows him to prepare a company’s HR for periods of downturn, growth and expansion. He is passionate about the needs of dynamic organizations adapting to market dynamics.

  • Designed and developed multiple organization-wide ATS and HRIS applications.
  • Guided and grew an HR department during an expansion from 180 employees and $49M in revenue to 300 employees and $75M in revenue
  • Increased employee diversity by 28.8% and reduced turnover by 8% through improved diversity training programs, talent and recruiting processes and employee development.

Christian has enjoyed tremendous success having been nominated for numerous awards including; Putting People First, Outstanding Corporate Citizenship and High Performance Culture. He is known as a trusted HR counselor to management for compliance questions, defining strategy, talent management and identifying various HR solutions.

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